2 bài văn mẫu Cảm nhận bài thơ Lưu biệt khi xuất dương của Phan Bội Châu hay nhất – Ngữ văn lớp 11

Topic: Feelings about Phan Boi Chau’s poem “Farewell when going abroad”

Lecture: Farewell when going abroad – Ms. Thuy Nhan ( teacher)


Phan Boi Chau was the leader of the patriotic movement in the early twentieth century. Despite his great enthusiasm, his career was unsuccessful, but his passionate and burning patriotism remained forever. He used his poetry as an effective weapon to promote and propagate the revolution. Exodus in exile is one such poem.

The French colonialists invaded our country, there were many movements that broke out, the most prominent of which was the Can Vuong movement, but it was still extinguished in the end, it was a signal for the national salvation along the feudal path that did not succeed. still suitable. Faced with the fact that the right way to save the country has not been found, Phan Boi Chau’s new revolutionary movement has revealed a new hope, he and like-minded people founded Duy Tan Association. In early 1905, Phan Boi Chau exported to Japan, starting the Dong Du movement. The Exodus was written before his departure. The work shows the deep patriotism of the author.

Phan Boi Chau’s ambition for life and determination to be a boy are revealed directly in the first verse of the work:

Being a boy must be strange in the world

Let the universe move on its own.


The verse begins with a very popular motif in medieval literature that is “becoming a boy”, which is to talk about a man’s obligations and responsibilities towards life and the country. This is the concept of positive incarnation of Confucianism. The verse reminds us of many popular poetry poems in medieval literature such as: “Nam Nhi Lieu Cong Danh left / Tu hears folk theory of Vu Hau” (Thuat Hoai – Pham Ngu Lao) or “Already in the past.” has a reputation in heaven and earth At the beginning of the twentieth century, Phan Boi Chau continued to repeat the concept of the will to be a man, but in his expression it was stronger and more drastic. Being a boy is “must be strange”, that is, you have to know how to live in an extraordinary, glorious way, dare to turn around and change the land, can’t be a person who lives a mediocre, boring life, surrenders to the times, let your children create turn your own life around. That’s why:

In about a hundred years I need you

After all eternity, no one?

In about a hundred years, a whole human life with many possible events, Phan Boi Chau confidently asserted: “need a servant” the ego appeared so arrogantly, so proactively. You need him not to have fun and enjoy yourself, but to dedicate yourself to life, so that the fragrance will remain forever. In the troubled times at that time, try to ask how many people could take the initiative to take the responsibility that was both noble and heavy for themselves. His poems make us even more impressed by that noble and great personality.

With the first four verses, the reader can see the image of a heroic man who has the desire to do great things. At the same time, he is also full of sense of his own ego, but not a enjoyment self, but a responsible citizen ego. Conscious dedication to life. In the midst of that dark time, Phan Boi Chay’s consciousness of being a boy, his desire to turn the universe and his great ambition were of great significance.

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The last four verses show the will to be a boy in real situations:

The river is dead, living more humiliating

The sage is still studying everywhere

Want to cross the East Sea with the wind

All the silver waves sent out to sea.

The verse is the pain and anguish of the lyrical character before the fact that the country has lost its sovereignty and the people have to live in slavery. Phan Boi Chau is also well aware of the end of Confucianism, the books of saints no longer have any meaning for the cause of national liberation. He originally came from the gate of Khong and Trinh, but he made no excuses, but clearly saw the helplessness and futility of the old way of learning, carrying in him the determination to find a new way to liberate the country. This is a very powerful, bold idea. That boldness stems from passionate enthusiasm, passionate patriotism, wanting to quickly carry out the cause of saving the country. At the same time, he was also influenced by the “new letters” that were secretly spread into our country at that time. It was these factors that prompted him to find a new direction, a new way to save the country and the people.


With a tone full of enthusiasm and emotion, the poem realistically and fully portrays the brave, bold and fierce mettle of revolutionary journalist Phan Boi Chau. At the same time, this work also shows the reader that the outstanding character in him is a strong personality, action-loving, passionate and deep patriotism.

Phan Boi Chau was a patriot of the early twentieth century, a revolutionary magistrate who always carried in him a strong spirit of resistance against the French. including the work “Exodus to leave”. The poem expresses Sao Nam Tu’s will to be a son (Pseudonym) with great ambition, aspiration to save the boiling water and a progressive ideological vision of the author. The work has left me as well as many other readers impressed because it exudes the person of Mr. Phan.

In the late 19th century and early 20th century, the French colonialists invaded and enforced a brutal rule against the Vietnamese people. As strong as chopping bamboo, they have much more modern weapons than us, so our people are bloody and painful. Phan Boi Chau was aware of the national problem, so he decided to find another way to save the country and set up a Duy Tan association to go to Japan to ask for help. This is a progressive thought, opening up a new way for the nation to save the country, but because it still made mistakes, history did not choose. The poem “Exodus to Farewell” was composed when the man’s desire to save the country was on a favorable momentum with his policy of saving the country by sending Vietnamese young people to Japan to study progress to help the people. help the country liberate the nation. The poem is about the author’s emotional feelings when saying goodbye when going abroad.

The idea that covers the work is the will to be a son of a man with patriotism, ambition, and great aspirations. That is shown right in the title of the work with the word “Exodus” meaning going out to sea, it is associated with specific revolutionary activities of Mr. Phan. He, like many other men, was always imbued with the Confucian philosophy of masculinity. He asserted:

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“The male microbiome is weak

Promise the universe moves on its own”

(Being a boy must be strange in the world / Let the universe move on its own)

After becoming a son according to Phan Boi Chau, a man must be able to do strange things in the world, a man with aspiration to be attached to the world and to the times. That person is an active person in his attitude, the posture does not accept to let the heavens and the earth rotate by themselves. Attached to the situation of the country at that time, that man had to restore the times, fight foreign invaders, and regain independence and freedom for the country. Being a son and patriotic spirit of Phan Boi Chau has continued the national tradition and inherited the ideas of ancestors such as Pham Ngu Lao, Tran Quoc Tuan, Nguyen Trai… He is proud to be a man, then he must decide to be a man. Living out and living with a high sense of individuality, the man’s spirit of self-reliance and self-reliance is shown:


Launching the rear wing without lobes”

(In about a hundred years, I will be needed / After all eternity, no one?). The author takes the finite of “perennial” for the infinite “heaven”, taking the negative to affirm. The will to be a boy continues to be expressed in this poem with the desire to do great things beyond his own limits, with a sense of self-responsibility to put the national responsibility on his shoulders and shoulder the affairs of life. He asked himself that in about a hundred years, it is necessary to have me, what if there is no one in a thousand years? And the question is also the answer to affirm that we are who we are, then we will have posterity in a thousand years, and every national hero will do great things. The verse is a profound poetic idea that expresses the author’s personal role in the context of history with the spirit of taking on all the responsibilities assigned to him by history. That thought left a valuable lesson for Vietnamese youth, just as Uncle Ho said: “Young people are the future masters of the country… the state is prosperous or weak, weak or strong, largely because of the youth”. Young, healthy, and strong, must do their best to study and cultivate to help the country enrich the life and beautify the homeland so that Vietnam can stand shoulder to shoulder with the great powers of the five continents.

Another point of view of Mr. Phan that deserves to be acknowledged is that he sees through the obsolescence and backwardness of the Confucian point of view.

“Jiangshan death sacrificed his life”

The sage, the saint, naturally chants the heron”


(The river is dead and living in shame / The sage is still studying everywhere). The nation lost its sovereignty, the country was trampled by the invaders, or lived only more humiliation, meaningless excess, or lived for a living repeating “Khan Khon”, regaining the soul of the nation. He seemed to be reminding the Vietnamese people to wake up, stand up against the French, change the way of thinking because “sage” means former school, Confucianism is no longer suitable for the new era. Pursuing practical psychology to renew the country, avoiding following outdated doctrines and clichés that do not help the present and future cause of national salvation. That message expands to show us the profound meaning of which era is consistent with the concept and ideology of that era, and outdated things that are no longer suitable for the actual context should be removed and needed. absorbing new and progressive ideas. In the two sentences above, the translation of the poem uses the word “hoai” which is not reasonable because according to the original Chinese character “Si” means to be ignorant, to be infatuated with something irrational, “hoai” has a lighter level. , has not really described the nature of the original Chinese word.

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Finally, there is the human image of Phan Boi Chau with great ambition, depicting a proud, eager and hopeful posture at the departure. He vows (wishes) to follow the strong wind to go to the East Sea. “May the long axis of Phong Dong Hai past” have two abstract and concrete meanings. With an abstract meaning expressing the desire to surpass themselves, overcome their own limitations, to do strange things for about a hundred years. With a specific meaning to refer to the Dong Du movement, only young people want to learn new set to help water. However, the translation of poetry in the textbook from “Wind Wings” suggests the fragility that has not yet described the spirit of “the wind school” which is a big wind, a long wind, it is the determination of the author to go out and save the country. Then thousands of silver-headed waves fly together “Thien Trung, white romantic most of the qi Phi”, the image of the wave carries the real meaning of the sea waves and the symbolic meaning of the will and aspiration of the revolutionary hero. So, “Nhat Qi Phi” (At the same time) is just a wave or will, aspiration or both blend together to fly? In my opinion, it is both external and internal factors that together form a high determination for the will to save the country to be expressed. The two concluding sentences with two great and magnificent images “long Phong” and “Thien Trung Bach Lang” with the predicate “Van axis” and “Nhat Ky Phi” show the heroic spirit of the revolutionary martyr. I have seen the image of “long wind” in Li Bai’s song “Hanoi nan”:

“The school of wind and romance breaks the friendship

Directly operating in the field of trade and commerce”

(Riding the wind to overcome the waves, there will be times / Dong sails straight to the blue pool)

Thus, by the talent of an artist and the will of the revolutionaries have blended together to make a meaningful work. “Exodus to Farewell” both shows the enthusiastic determination of Phan Boi Chau in the early days of going out to save the country and also a poetic work that awakens the patriotism of the Vietnamese people. Mr. Phan is one of the typical examples for the national salvation movement in the early 20th century, loved and respected by the people. Today, many schools and streets are named after him to commemorate the national hero.

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