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Can Tho Thuong Ngan, also known as Thuong Ngan Little Girl, belongs to the little girls of the Four Palaces of the Holy Co. With the sacredness of her, the disciples often offer ceremonies to pray for fame and fortune. The symbol of Can Mau Thuong Ngan is placed throughout the provinces of Vietnam. And each place is named Can Mau Thuong Ngan differently, people follow each place and temple throughout the large and small forest gates.

1. Take a look at the Thuong Ngan Mausoleums across provinces and cities

The common feature is that the girls are all wearing brocade clothes, holding umbrellas in their hands, wearing silver bracelets, wearing leggings and carrying bags. The following are the Girls with Upper Thousand Models including:

  • Little girl Tan An (Lao Cai): She lives on the banks of the Red River in Tan An village, Tan An commune, Van Ban district, Lao Cai province. Here, people call Co Tan An Temple (also known as Co Be Thuong Ngan Temple). Here, worship the goddess whose name is Hoang Ba Xa. According to the people, he had the merit of conquering the evil enemy, keeping the peace for the homeland with his father, the mandarin Hoang Bay. In recognition of her merits, the people built a temple to worship him and performed annual ceremonies to commemorate her death anniversary and worship on the full moon days to commemorate her great merits.
  • Green Tree Girl (Bac Giang): The place of worship is at the Little Cay Xanh Temple, located in Suoi Mo tourist area, 2km from Ha Suoi Mo Temple. It is known that Green Tree Girl follows Can Mau Thuong Ngan with the incarnation of Princess Que My Nuong. Therefore, Green Tree Girl is also considered as the embodiment of the Upper Thousand Mother Nature. The Little Green Tree Temple is famous for being quite sacred. If anyone has the opportunity to pass by Suoi Mo, please visit the Green Tree Temple to ask for luck and make progress to build a spacious Co temple worthy of the name of the Little Lady of Thuong Ngan to bring fortune and prosperity to the people.
  • Little girl Minh Luong (Tuyen Quang): Located in Lang Quan Commune, Tuyen Quang Town, Tuyen Quang Province. Little Minh Luong can be considered as Thuong Ngan Girl. She is the daughter of a Dao family, her mother is a Mung. She was bitten to death by a snake, while her parents went to work and when they came back to find their daughter dead, they were so heartbroken that their parents did not bury her. Until the morning, we see termites extruding into the grave. People saw her as sacred and set up a shrine. During the period of resistance against foreign invaders, little Minh Luong appeared and helped the court to defeat the enemy and keep the land peaceful. Since then, people remember her merits and often come to worship and offer incense because of her sacredness.

In addition to the girls above, you can refer to some of the upper thousands embodied in the girls such as: Little Girl Thuong Ngan (Lang Son Town), Little Girl Suoi Ngang (Huu Lung), Little Girl Deo Keng (That Khe), Little Girl Dong Cuong (Yen Bai), Little Girl Nguyet Ho (Bac Giang), Little Girl Thac Bo (Hoa Binh), Little Girl Soc (Southern) also known as Little Black, Little Girl Than (Tuyen Quang).

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2. The life and character of the person with the Upper Thousand Motherhood

The ordinary people with the common sense are endowed with the ability to write poetry and have more understanding than humans. At the same time, he has the ability to observe the negative part, can read fortune-telling, cure diseases or catch copper.

The appearance of the person carrying the house is very beautiful, her face is always pink, her back is slim and she has a beautiful hobby, especially the green color of the mountains. In addition to her beautiful appearance, the upper thousand mother also has a tolerant heart, giving blessings to those who have a heart to pray. She is very agile, intelligent and always gives off the noble aura of a fairy.

People with the upper mother house have a very pleasant nature, always cheerful, sociable and a little mischievous.

3. Offering Mass for the Mother Goddess of Mercy

Can Tho Thuong Ngan is very sacred and often grants fortune and fame to incense sticks and disciples begging for worship. So the temples worshiping her in the weeks, splinter, early spring of the new year, visitors from all over the world come to show their sincerity to offer incense and ask for fortune.

Usually, the incense people buy a full ceremony tray with incense, flowers, fruits, betel nut, betel nut, bottle of wine, sticky rice, meat, change.

In addition to these everyday offerings, the incense people also want to offer thanksgiving items to the temple for display or worship, for daily use such as vases, gold trays, copper tops, etc. With a meticulous and beautiful design, it means that good fortune can be kept for 6 months and is not afraid of mold damage, so it is very suitable for display at the holy altar. If you choose Oan to celebrate Little Girl Thuong Ngan, you should buy a green one because she is worshiped on the top of the thousand.

4. When should you go to Can Mau Thuong Ngan Temple?

When should you go to Can Mau Thuong Ngan Temple?

Choosing a good day to go to the temple to pray for health, fame and fortune to bring luck is something that all disciples and incense people pay attention to. So what about you? The best day to go to Can Mau Thuong Ngan ceremony is on the first days of the new year, the day of the festival or her choice of party date takes place on January 6 of the lunar calendar every year. These days, most of the incense people want to go back to the temple to celebrate the festival. So to avoid causing congestion, homeowners can choose other or non-special days, but being in January is also very reasonable.

Even if she comes to her place, her mind is not directed towards her, so it makes no sense, so “everything is arbitrary” no matter how much the homeowner worships her every day, even though the mind is directed to her, she also witnesses and bestows blessings. a sincere word.

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5. Singing the Little Girl’s song

#Version 1: Van Co Thuong Ngan. Sing Xa

Only one animal per thousand lieutenants

Young peaks carry a painting scene

How beautiful is the time of the thousands

The sky of the Buddha’s light and the four seasons

On the bowl of hundreds of flowers blooming

Under the scene of the forest, the animals roam

Birds fly everywhere

Fish follow the water, swim and swim in the area

Over thousands of sporadic winds shake

The top of the mountain slopes hangs climbing

People who are up and down are cheering loudly

The mountains are high and low

Trees filled with green

The more you look at the mountains, the more beautiful they become

Fragrance shows off all colors competing

Enjoy a beautiful landscape

The smell of green rice, hearing meat, love

Dong Dang, Big Pond, Cho Bo

Thao River, Ca River, Bo River, Dau River

Behold, the fisherman casts his net

The woodcutter’s debt is in the deep forest

Four seasons of cool wind and moon

Young people of the country have a fairy scene

Animals and animals of the myrtle forest, fish pond

Ready to carry, bamboo shoots bamboo shoots

Fairy friends left the top

Cheeky gong hat with sweet flowers

Early in the Lo River, in the evening at the crane week

Fairy friends sit and sing chirping

Wine toothpick donated three full jars

Lam rice, hearing meat, sour star fruit and bamboo shoots

Let’s take the wheel together

Crossing all the waterfalls Cai Ghenh child

Roaring water flowing stone worn

Far away hear the gibbons lullaby sad

The centipedes invite each other to find

Overcoming all the insects, offering fruit

Order to transmit white statue of nine days

Tien Co price trumpet trumpet fluttering

Master the temperament of the pine flute

The rhythm of the bamboo flute and corn flute

Far away to hear the call of the owl

Sacred forest, poisoned water, roaring tigers

The foxes are silent and silent

Wild chickens are usually on guard

At midnight, the Rat hour appears

Beautiful blue belt indigo shirt

Angry comedy with bows and arrows on his back

Howling three victorious troops into the deep forest

The command to command all the heads

Listen to her order to invite each other to come back

Let the town all over the forbidden forest

The North Nam forest estuaries of the Neo river.

Whoever has a serious illness

Can fairy spells and spells all disappear?

The downtrodden devotes his heart to reverence

Wishing for eternal prosperity

Occasional she scoffed at the court

The disciple’s frame of honor and longevity.

#Version 2: Singing Van Co Thuong Ngan

How beautiful is the time of Co Ngan

She went to return the new paint festival

Shivering parted hair swear

When playing in the reverse region, when returning to the lowland

Hill of butterflies and flowers smiling

The green forest appeared to save people on earth

Son Lam cleans the shop

The holy soldiers went to the store to ask to buy

Hang Co, Hang Co, Hang Sour

Bitter goods, whoever buys it, come in

Hang Co is not worth much

Bitter on the outside, sweet on the inside

Products of wild flowers and grass

Chrysanthemum vegetable grinding tubers

Hang Co has no shortage of food

Lemon with chili and melon

Ask if that’s enough?

Or is it not enough because there are no peaches

Thousand greens picking plums picking peaches

Beautiful scenery in the mountains, she went to pick figs

Young high water thousands of insects

She went to Moc Chau to pick mangoes

Paint the day she broke the bamboo shoots

She went to Binh Luc to pick some fruits

How far is the way back to Lang?

She went to pick the ripe tea tree

By the way, she came here

Go back to Bac Le temple and enjoy the stream

The road is far away from heavy rain and wind

The high-powered van descends to the temple here

Wine needs to be drunk, the wind blows the shirt

Wearing drizzle and thunderstorms

Sincerely set up the yoke

Rice lam meat hearing (Little girl) has no respect

Strong wine offered her a bottle

Thirteen crabs with three crabs

Offering her thousands of delicious things

This ceremony introduces Son Trang Bac Le Ngan

In the world of unfinished interference

Hundred things deviate from the little girl who cares

Who is the lucky time for the part

Burn incense to serve the Christmas festival

Sometimes she announces the price of reigning

The discipleship frame is blessed with long life

#Version 3: Singing Van Co Thuong Ngan

About the coterie covered with scarves

She wears a green shirt

A pair of dangling baskets

She’s on her shoulder

The flower basket she arranges is really talented

Riding the clouds and trampling the wind,

she wears a pair of shoes

green and green

On the bowl of hundreds of flowers blooming

The man who goes back and forth at the bow

Play somewhere happy then

Teach the birds to sing and teach the forest people to wholesale

There is a time to teach gibbons to lull their babies

I called my son to sing and cry sad

A flock of animals said to each other

I called for me to sing I said I knelt

I fly in front of the door buzzing

Voice like a starling bird, love is

Walking around near and far

The night brings the variable in and out of the forest door

Miracle of the Six Intelligences

The rose floor covered with purple holy palace entrance and exit

Night guard purple peach hammock

Green tree with high branches laughing

Rebuke to anyone in the stomach of recovery

The intestines and liver are hot as if they were boiling

Put yourself to see a dream

Was sick and wasted money

Knowing that the time is as light as the name

If you don’t know, it’s like a boat at anchor

Rebuke for hundreds of dangerous diseases

When wading streams and climbing trees

Make your heart clear

Rice can’t be eaten by water hoppers

The medicine comes in and sweats

Magic becomes irreplaceable god

Who else is hiding?

Knowing the name of the Little Girl must buy it back to the temple

A pair of conical hats rise

Go to the sanctuary, submit to the court

The degree of people going to bud about flowers

Go fresh and come back good, go far and come near

Who is the lucky time for the part

Instead of the king’s right to be dumb and weightless in the mortal world

Who do you love the golden mountain of jade

For trade and apparel to be easily and comfortably sold

She gives more wealth than people

Long life to enjoy a long and prosperous life

Sincerely pray for her

Remember to pay back, don’t pretend to forget

Want to forget her let me forget

Once without pretending, she caught her father

Fairies are good at calculating

The world doesn’t know she’s joking

She is not angry at anyone

Make me the Thuong Girl for life

Thirty-one full moon day

Fragrance of flowers and sincere offerings to the island

Today’s text adoration

The frame of the disciples is to be obedient to the heart.

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