Mâm lễ cúng ngoài trời đêm giao thừa gồm những gì? Quay hướng nào tốt?

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Every year at the end of the New Year, everyone looks forward to the New Year’s Eve to say goodbye to the happy, sad and unlucky things in the old year and receive the fortune, luck and health for the new year of peace and prosperity. People and families prepare outdoor offerings for New Year’s Eve, but not everyone knows what to prepare? What is the right ritual? So let’s find out the meaning of New Year’s Eve worship and the steps to prepare for the correct outdoor New Year’s Eve ceremony.

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1. The meaning of the New Year’s Eve outdoor offering ceremony

According to the concept of Eastern culture, heaven and earth are the beginning and must have an end. A year begins on New Year’s Eve this year and ends on New Year’s Eve next year.

New Year’s Eve offering is a sacred ritual of Vietnamese people before the start of the Lunar New Year. New Year’s Eve, also known as the exorcism ceremony, is performed on the 30th day of the Lunar New Year. This is the time of transition between the old year and the new year. At the same time, the ceremony of Exorcism also has the meaning to “exterminate evil spirits”, so it is called “Exorcism”. Therefore, the year-end worshiping ceremony on the 30th night of the New Year is carried out regularly every year, after the fireworks display of the whole country.

Outdoor New Year’s Eve offerings

The New Year’s Eve offering is meant to erase the bad things, bad luck of the old year and pray for good things to come in the new year. Therefore, everyone in the family attaches great importance to and carefully prepares the outdoor worshiping tray on New Year’s Eve in the year of the Tiger 2023. And the best way to make sure that there are no mistakes made helps avoid bad things. New Year.

According to traditional custom, Vietnamese people believe that at New Year’s Eve, there will be Hanh Khien mandarins handing over the work in the previous year. In total, there are 12 Executives and 12 Judges (the judge is the god who helps the mandarin). With the rotation cycle, every year, there is 1 mandarin Hanh Khiem who takes charge of the lower realm and after 12 years, alternates to do it.

Year of the Rat: Chu Vuong Hanh Khien, Thien On Hanh Binh Chi God, Ly Cao Judge.

Year of the Ox: Trieu Vuong Hanh Khien, Tam Thirty-six directions of Hanh Binh Chi, Khuc Cao Judge.

Year of the Tiger: Wei Vuong Hanh Kien, Moc Tinh Chi Than, Tieu Cao Judge.

Year of the Rabbit: Trinh Vuong Hanh Khien, Thach Tinh Chi Than, Lieu Cao Judge.

Year of the Dragon: Chu Vuong Hanh Kien, Hoa Tinh Chi God, Cao Cao Judge.

Year of the Snake: Ngo Vuong Hanh Khien, Thien Hai Chi Than, Hua Cao Judge.

Year of the Horse: Tan Vuong Hanh Khien, Thien Hao Chi God, Nhan Cao Judge.

Year of the Goat: Song Vuong Hanh Khien, Five Daos of God, Lam Cao Judge.

Five Monkeys: Qi Vuong Hanh Khien, Five Temples of God, Tong Cao Judge.

Year of the Rooster: Lu Vuong Hanh Khien, Ngu Nhac Chi God, Cu Cao Judge.

Year of the Dog: Viet Vuong Hanh Khien, Thien Ba Chi Than, Thanh Cao Judge.

Year of the Pig: Luu Vuong Hanh Khien, Ngu On Chi Than, Nguyen Cao Phan Quan.

It is said that the outdoor ceremony tray on New Year’s Eve is considered a farewell party for the old year’s Hanh Khien and Judges, welcoming the New Year’s deity to the task. So, in order for everything to go smoothly, to limit violations, we need to find out what the New Year’s Eve offerings include? What is the ritual like? New Year’s Eve offerings are accurate to pray for the family’s peace and happiness.

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2. When is the best time to offer New Year’s Eve?

When do New Year’s Eve offerings bring luck and fortune, not everyone knows. Some people think that every 12 o’clock on New Year’s Eve, they start to burn incense. But, the concept of offering New Year’s Eve like that is not enough, because New Year’s Eve offering means removing bad things and accepting things that are bright and hopeful. So New Year’s Eve offering is the most important ritual in the Lunar New Year, including outdoor and indoor worship.

According to Vietnamese custom, the time of New Year’s Eve worship is conducted from the Pig hour of the 30th day to the Rat hour on the first day of the New Year, that is, from 12 o’clock at night on the 30th day of the New Year to the morning of the first day of the New Year.

At the same time, according to cultural experts, the outdoor New Year’s Eve ceremony is performed first. First of all, we pray to Buddha and the Quan, ask God to bless and sustain, pray for fortune, health and peace to come to the family. Then comes the ceremony in the house, if the ceremony is done in the house first, it will not be right because God and Buddha stand in the highest position, then the ancestors.

Normally, the time to start offering New Year’s Eve is 12 o’clock on the night of December, then start to worship the ancestors. Therefore, the New Year’s Eve ceremony will be completed before 1 hour, so it is necessary to prepare the worshiping ceremony fully and avoid shortcomings so that the worshiping ceremony takes place properly and slowly, with the right rituals to look forward to a new year of fortune and peace.

3. Instructions for preparing and presenting the New Year’s Eve outdoor ceremony tray

When offering New Year’s Eve, you can prepare a vegetarian or savory tray. It will depend on the economic condition of each family. You can immediately refer to the vegetarian and savory outdoor New Year’s Eve offerings including the following items:

#first. Preparing the outdoor New Year’s Eve offering

Prepare the New Year’s Eve offering paper and correspondingly how many people in the house, prepare a suit with the image of that person, both male and female.

outdoor New Year's Eve offerings

outdoor New Year’s Eve offerings

For example, there are 4 people in the house, each person will correspond to 12 suits and write their names on the clothes. When presenting the offering tray, all the costumes will be placed on the ceremony tray.

  • Preparing the outdoor New Year’s Eve vegetarian tray
  • Vegetarian offerings
  • Flowers, buffaloes
  • Candles
  • Confectionery
  • Incense (3 – 5 compresses)
  • 1 cup wine, 1 cup water, soft drink/beer
  • Worshiping the Hanh Khiem mandarin
  • Dragonfly paper hat
  • 1 sticky rice, 1 salt, 1 rice
  • Outdoor New Year’s Eve offerings
  • 1 boiled rooster, 1 banh chung (or 1 sticky rice gac), 1 ham
  • 1 plate of fruit, 1 plate of salt, 1 plate of rice
  • 1 cup of wine, 1 cup of water
  • Vodafone, betel nut, candle/lamp, 3-5 incense sticks
  • 1 dragonfly wing
  • 1 vase of fresh flowers.

#2. How to arrange an outdoor worshiping tray on New Year’s Eve

First, we need to make the correct arrangement of the vegetarian tray so as not to be reprimanded by the gods.

  • Instructions on how to set up the vegetarian tray
  • Prepare a table, spread a clean silk cloth and place the tray on it.
  • Coming up on the plate
  • Put the steaming dish, confectionery in the middle of the tray, next put gold coins, salted rice next to it
  • Place the wine in the center of the front edge of the plate
  • Beer and soft drinks are placed next to the fruit tray
  • The lamp is placed to the right of the ceremony tray
  • Place vases, flowers, and hats on the back of the ceremony tray.
  • After burning incense, place it right next to the opening in the front.
  • Instructions on how to display the salty ceremony
  • Place a clean towel on the table and place the tray on it.
  • Arrange the savory dishes on the tray
  • Boiled chicken with fairy wings, beak with red rose. Place the chicken in the center of the plate and let the head face the front of the plate.
  • Banh chung: peel off the outer shell, remove the wire, do not iron pieces and place the chicken plate next to the right side. If you blow sticky rice, put it in the position of banh chung.
  • Spring rolls, remove the layer of banana leaves next to him and cut into 1 piece without iron pieces, put right next to the plate of banh chung.
  • Fruit, washed, drained and arranged on a plate, placed behind the chicken and banh chung.
  • Votive votive, betel nut are placed on the rim.
  • Rice and salt on the same plate are fine, put the chicken on the left side.
  • The machete and water are placed in front of the rim
  • Hats of dragon wings placed behind the ceremony tray
  • Flowerpot next to it.
  • Burn incense and can be plugged into a plate of banh chung, rice or placed in the corner of the front of the tray.

Note when going to the outdoor New Year’s Eve offering

  • Do not use fake flowers to worship, because the concept is like a lie, so it should be avoided.
  • Should choose a mature rooster, a young chick that has just learned to crow, is healthy, has a yellow bill, flags crest, yellow legs, and especially has never stepped on a hen.

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4. Outdoor New Year’s Eve offerings in the year of the Tiger 2023

Namo Amitabha Buddha (3 times)


I bow to the heavens of the nine directions, the buddhas of the ten directions, the buddhas of the ten directions.

I bow to His Holiness the Dalai Lama Maitreya Buddha.

I bow to Bodhisattva Avalokitesvara to save sentient beings.

I bow to Hoang Thien, Hau Tho, and Gods

I bow to you, the former ruler of Trieu Vuong Hanh Khien, the Thirty-sixth warriors of the army, and Qu Cao judge.

I bow to you in the current year of the reign of Wei Vuong Hanh Khien, the god of the army of Jupiter, and the judge of Tieu Cao.

Now is the New Year’s Eve minute of the New Year of the Ox with the year of the Tiger

We are: ……………………, year of birth: ………….

Onion soup: …………………… age

Residing at: ………….….., commune/ward ……………………..

District/district/city …………………….province/city ……………..

The sacred moment of New Year’s Eve comes, the old year is over, welcome the new year

On the occasion of the sacred moment of New Year’s Eve, the old year is over, welcome the new year, Tam Duong Khang Thai, Van Tuong reform. Now, Mr. Thai Tue Ton Than above obeys God’s orders, supervises ten thousand people, and below protects living beings from evil spirits. The old mandarins returned to the vacated Dynasty, Luu Phuc, and Luu An. The new mandarin came down instead, in the body of Duc Hieu, he gave birth and distributed fortune. On the occasion of New Year’s Eve, our Faithful Lords sincerely, fixed incense, flowers, offerings, ceremonial bows, offered before the court, made offerings to the holy Buddha, offered to the gods, burned incense sticks, and devotedly worshiped.

We invite: the former ruler of Thai Tue, the new-year-old ruler of Thai Tue Chi Duc Ton Than, the native Lord of the Great Kings, the native god of Tho Dia, Mr. Hy Than, the main Phuc Duc. Gods, the Ngu Phuong, the Ngu Tho, the Long Mai, the Tai Than, the Taoist family members and the gods who rule in this land, bow down before the judgment to enjoy the offerings.

I pray for the faithful: Khang Thai year of the year, everything is good, the four seasons and eight periods are peaceful, the family religion is prosperous and long, the family is prosperous, and they enjoy the grace of God, Buddha, and other Sun Gods every day. We respectfully offer offerings, sincerely pray. I pray to the nine directions of Heaven, the Buddhas of the ten directions, and the gods to witness protection and protection.

Namo Amitabha Buddha (3 times, 3 prostrations)

New Year’s Eve offerings will depend on customs and practices that have a separate way of worshiping. Therefore, the owner ensures that the ritual is performed correctly and with the most correct standards.

Here are some notes when performing outdoor New Year’s Eve offerings:

  • At the right time on New Year’s Eve, the new owner began to light the lamp, pour wine, pour tea and pray the New Year’s vows.
  • Dress neatly and neatly.
  • When worshiping, it is necessary to be sincere, not to talk privately, in a pleasant voice, not too loud.
  • The worshiper is the householder (preferably a man). Pregnant women should not perform rituals.

5. Which direction is good for outdoor New Year’s Eve offerings?

Which direction should the outdoor New Year's tray turn?

Which direction should the outdoor New Year’s tray turn?

According to folklore, the gods take over the work very quickly, so they can eat in a hurry or pass by to witness the heart of the owner and then leave immediately. The offering tray will be placed in the middle of the yard, if your family does not have a yard, it can be placed right next to the main door or on the terrace.

The owner places the ceremony tray in the North direction, or it can be placed in the East direction depending on the family (the meaning is to place the North direction to worship God, and the East direction to worship the King). So the family will choose a good direction to pray for a wish, if known, it should avoid bad directions to dispel bad things for the Homeowner.

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6. After offering New Year’s Eve outdoors, should it be turned into gold?

Like the ritual of worshiping the full moon week, giving thanks to the earth god, etc., after worshiping, the ritual of turning gold will be performed. Should outdoor New Year’s Eve worship be turned into gold? This is a question asked by many interested readers.

This issue will follow the custom of the region, for people in the North, they will not always turn into gold, but wait until the day of Tet to turn into gold. The day of offering will be from the 2nd to the 10th of January. With the concept of sending Grandparents to the underworld and bringing fortune home. Therefore, whether or not the New Year’s Eve offerings will always turn into gold will depend on the customs and habits of different regions.

There are many families who will choose a date that suits their owners to make Tet offerings and turn them into gold, with the desire for good things, favorable times, and beautiful days.

Above is the sharing of nguyentandich.com on how to prepare an outdoor offering ceremony on New Year’s Eve and the notes you need to know, to help homeowners perform the most thorough ritual. Hopefully with our sharing will provide useful information for you!

Hope you are succesful.

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