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Top 21+ studio chụp ảnh cho bé cực đẹp, cực cute

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Baby photography is a way for parents to preserve their children’s lovely moments through sweet photos. Currently, there are so many studios appearing that parents are confused when choosing. Understanding that, Photo Laugh Viet shares some studios in the 3 regions of Vietnam in the article below.

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Top reasons why you should take pictures of your baby

Did you know that taking pictures of children has now become an essential spiritual food for parents? The photos will record your baby’s lovely moments and be an invaluable spiritual asset to parents. Here are 8 very convincing reasons for you to choose to take photos of your babies:

  • Mark important milestones in your child’s development.
  • Lovely pictures of babies help parents dispel fatigue.
  • Show your family’s love for your child.
  • One of the most meaningful gifts for family members.
  • It is a beautiful decoration for home space.
  • Received a lot of praise from social networks when posting.
  • Can heal conflicts in the family, bond between husband and wife when going on a business trip.
  • A gift for future children.

Take pictures to show the love of parents for their baby

Experiences and notes when choosing a photography studio for your baby

To own for their family lovely photos as a souvenir for their baby, parents should look to the most professional studios. Here are some notes when looking for a place to take baby photos:

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Deciding on a studio: If you are planning to bring your children to take pictures, you should consult before choosing to be able to find the best photography studio for your baby. You should also choose studios close to where you live for convenience. At the same time, please contact the place of photography in advance to ask for advice and arrange an appointment.

Photography packages: Parents should consult the shooting packages in advance and choose for their children the most suitable shooting package: Indoor shooting package, outdoor shooting package… suitable for each family’s economy. At the same time, you need to consider when choosing outdoor photography. Outdoor space helps to make photos more beautiful and vivid, but bad weather can have a negative effect on your baby’s health.

Shooting time: Studio photography for babies requires parents to plan ahead and choose a time that works for them personally. Only go to take pictures of the baby when the family’s mood is happy and comfortable, but there should be no problems affecting the baby’s photo session.

Child’s spirit: For children who are already aware of the world around them, parents should train them to love taking pictures by taking pictures with them every day. At the same time, parents also need to comfort and coax the child not to feel strange when entering the set.

Baby’s health: Before taking pictures of the baby in the studio, it is necessary to check the baby’s temperature and give him enough food. When there is no bad health phenomenon, the new parents should let the baby take pictures. When the baby feels uncomfortable, parents do not try to take the baby to take pictures, this will make the baby’s health situation worse and the image quality will also be poor.

Careful furniture: Parents should carefully prepare everything for the baby, from hair, clothes to some other necessary items of the baby when coming to the studio. Especially for young children who are not aware enough to bring diapers, diapers, milk and toys to create comfort for the little one.

Prepare carefully when going to take baby photosPrepare carefully when going to take baby photos

Play: When going to the filming site, the baby will feel strange, so parents should play with the baby a lot, encourage the baby, help the baby feel happy, comfortable to create natural and beautiful photos best.

Patience: Don’t be too hasty, if your baby is not cooperative, give comfort when shooting. Especially with very young babies, you should stop taking pictures when the baby is upset and check that he is okay. If you’re hungry, tired, or unwell, you can delay the photo session if needed.

How to take: You should not take too many photos, nor should you take too few photos, shooting in moderation is the best choice. If there are too few photos, there won’t be many baby photos. Too much will make the baby tired and wasteful.

Shooting style: To get great and vivid photos of your baby, parents should suggest shooting styles with different poses, costumes, backgrounds, etc. for the baby and family.

How to print photos: When you want to take pictures, the photographer can shoot continuously, you should get a soft file to keep the image for a long time. Choose the best pictures you want to print, don’t print too much to avoid waste.

TOP Studio takes pictures for a very pretty baby in a big city

Let’s take a walk with Vietnamese Smiley Photo through some of the favorite and chosen baby photography studios by many families:

Baby photography in Da Nang

Some quality studios in Da Nang will surely bring you satisfaction when holding photos taken at these places:

Alis Studio

Alis Studio is a very beautiful baby photography place in Da Nang. To get the best family photos, don’t hesitate to come to Alis – Always ensure image quality with a dedicated shooting team, style, and serious working spirit.

Alis Studio - Prestigious unit in Da NangAlis Studio – Prestigious unit in Da Nang

Dino Studio

Dino Studio has a team of many years of experience in the field of baby photography, bringing customers unique and impressive photo sessions. Once the photos are taken, they are beautifully edited and sent back. Customers can print these pictures into a small album or cut and paste them into a diary for your child.

Take beautiful pictures of children at Dino StudioTake beautiful pictures of children at Dino Studio

Hin’s Studio

Hin’s has become the studio chosen by many people to keep their happy and lovely moments with their family. Studio honors family values ​​- a place that always extends its arms to hug when you are tired. Keeping the tears and smiles of childhood through photos is the most peaceful thing in the family. Hin’s is always aiming for simple and emotional things. Natural moments, locations close to the memories of the client’s family are what the studio cares about the most.

Hin's Studio is chosen by many customersHin’s Studio is chosen by many customers

CAM Studio

CAM Studio is an enthusiastic, caring, dedicated and professional child photography place. The studio is spacious and suitable for all ages. From ideas, plans, photography concepts, basic makeup, photography accessories… are all carefully prepared to bring the most beautiful pictures of your baby’s childhood. Taking pictures for a few hours will make your baby tired, but CAM’s psychological photographers always try to be gentle, minimizing the discomfort of the babies.

CAM Studio is enthusiastic and attentive when taking photosCAM Studio is enthusiastic and attentive when taking photos

Angel Kids Art Studio taking pictures of Da Nang children

Angel Kids Art preserves family moments through artistic pictures, confidently bringing unique Western-style photos for children and their families. Angel Kids’ operating motto is through customer satisfaction to position the brand.

Angel Kids Art takes pictures, stores your baby's memorable momentsAngel Kids Art takes pictures, stores your baby’s memorable moments

Baby photography in Hanoi

For the convenience of parents in searching and choosing, we would like to introduce some studios in Hanoi that take the best quality baby photos.

Phan Thi Studio

Although Phan Thi Studio has just been established, the brand has been known as one of the leading prestigious baby photography studios in Hanoi. Phan Thi Studio carefully invested in the filming scene, costumes, advanced shooting props and a team of professional photographers. It will definitely bring the best for your baby. The wonderful and meaningful photo albums capturing the most natural moments of the baby will satisfy all customers.

Phan Thi Studio has many baby photography scenesPhan Thi Studio has many baby photography scenes

Suri Vietnam Institute’s photo

Suri Institute is an institute specializing in photography of newborns, older children, pregnant women and families… The institute was established in 2009, every small corner of the image in the institute is cared for and seriously invested to create an art space. authentic. This is also a place where every family can record unforgettable moments. Baby photography requires a lot of love, patience and enthusiasm in the work. It is an important part of helping the studio create priceless art for families and children.

Suri Vietnam Photo Institute specializes in photographing childrenSuri Vietnam Photo Institute specializes in photographing children

Hana Baby Studio

From birth to 1 year old is the loveliest period of the baby, and during this time, the baby grows very quickly. Therefore, if parents do not quickly save these moments, it will be extremely regrettable. In Hanoi, Hana Baby Studio is an address specializing in baby photography that parents should not ignore. Hana Baby has many different contexts, meeting most of the needs of every customer. Besides, the enthusiasm and love for children will surely satisfy the family when coming to Hana.

Hana Baby Studio is an address that parents should not ignoreHana Baby Studio is an address that parents should not ignore

Hello Baby

After many years of operation, with the relentless efforts and efforts of the staff along with the love of customers, Aloha has grown strongly in photography services for babies, mothers and members. in the family. Studio always wants when customers review photo albums, customers will not only see it as photos, but also memories of their children’s childhood.

Aloha Baby takes lovely pictures for her babyAloha Baby takes lovely pictures for her baby

Baby photography in Ho Chi Minh

The most beautiful place to take pictures of your baby in Ho Chi Minh? There are quite a few places that take pictures for beautiful babies in Ho Chi Minh City, if your family is planning to take pictures for children, you can refer to some of the places listed below:

Nyna Studio

This nyna has a wide variety of costumes and props, so parents have many options to choose the style of baby clothes to make the photo brighter. At the same time, the studio often has extremely attractive promotions for children and families to experience comfortably without worrying about the price.

Nyna Studio takes beautiful photos for your babyNyna Studio takes beautiful photos for your baby

One Like Studio

One Like Studio is the leading baby photography place in Ho Chi Minh City. The studio has built a solid foundation since its inception, employing renowned photographers, a passionate young team and a variety of photography concepts. At the same time, One Like’s address is close to the city center, convenient for customers from many other districts.

One Like Studio makes it easy for guests to move aroundOne Like Studio makes it easy for guests to move around

Demi Duy Studio

When coming to Demi Duy Baby Photo Studio, the innocent and lovely features of children will be reproduced from every angle through each photo frame. The cost is affordable so customers do not need to hesitate when choosing the service. In addition to taking beautiful photos for babies, the studio also has photography services for families, couples, wedding photos…

Demi Duy Studio helps children take innocent photosDemi Duy Studio helps children take innocent photos

In addition, you can refer to some beautiful wedding photography studios HERE

SanKid Studio

Every parent looking at their child will surely share the same mood as the desire to record every moment of their child: every blink of an eye, a confused look at the world, a bright smile… However, because Baby is extremely active, so it will definitely be difficult for parents to take selfies at home. The most professional SanKid Studio will replace the parents who do it. Coming to the studio, families and children will be able to freely choose from many different service packages without being limited by price. At the same time, SanKid is always committed to creating meaningful, valuable and quality baby pictures.

SanKid Studio creates quality baby photosSanKid Studio creates quality baby photos

Lavender Studio

It will certainly make customers excited and satisfied when visiting the baby photography studio in Ho Chi Minh City – Lavender Studio. Parents and children can comfortably pose for no time limit in the cute and dreamy studio. Beautiful, realistic images, affordable prices make Lavender one of the best children’s photography studios in Saigon.

Lavender Studio helps children comfortably poseLavender Studio helps children comfortably pose

Above is all information about the TOP studios with the best quality baby photography services in 3 regions. The Software Institute hopes that families will have the right choice for their children.

Vietnamese Laughing Photo Editor

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